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Drunken Raisins For Arthritis 

Does eating raisins soaked in gin, drunken raisins , really help with arthritis symptoms?  This is an interesting question.  While there is no real solid research on this particular "natural remedy",  in my experience the answer for most of my patients who have tried it is YES it does.

What are drunken raisins?

This recipe is pretty easy. Take a box of golden raisins and spread them out in a single layer in shallow pan. Pour over them a higher quality gin. Cover them until they soak up the gin, usually a couple of days.  Refrigerate, and then eat 9-12 a day. That's it.

How does this help with arthritis?

Again, with basically no research into the mechanism it is not clearly understood.  However, there a a couple probable ways this could help reduce inflammation symptoms. Gin contains a lot of botanicals. Juniper being a major one. Research has shown Juniper to have anti-inflammatory properties. Raisins contain Methylsulfonylmethane, MSM. This is a known anti-inflammatory agent.

So should you try this remedy?

I say why not? It is simple and easy and unless you have a particular reason, an allergy to gin or raisins for example, to not try it, what's to lose? I have had several patients give it a whirl and most say they feel better. I have a pianist with really bad, well it used to be really bad, arthritis in her fingers from decades of playing. Painful, and visibly swollen joints in her fingers.  After a few weeks of taking these raisins, she is markedly improved. Her finger joints are no longer visibly swollen and she states she has much reduced pain and better flexibility.  

Hope this helps a lot of you!

Yours in HEALTH
Dr Tom



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